Imperfect paradise

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

As i walked, homeward bound one day,
a small piece of heaven caught my eye,
and as i turned left instead of going straight,
I greeted nature and to chaos said goodbye,

Along the walls that surrounded, ivy stood sentry,
The cold hard grey concrete had heard natures call,
an old crinkled iron gate stood guard at the entry,
it was rusted defeated and no use at all,

As i stepped 'cross the threshold to an alternate world,
i felt the places magic wash over me,
the deeper i delved in the more was unfurled,
the more i beheld bewitching scenery,

The heart-wrenching droop of the lonely trees limbs,
the defiant direction of unkempt tousled grass,
inspired bittersweet birdsong and revealed all my whims,
in that secret garden upon me, a spell had been cast

At that marvelous time in that wondrous place,
with the sunshine the birdsong the grass and the trees,
all things seemed to conspire to make the world great,
for in that quasi-Eden I'd never felt so happy

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