The Generation

May 10, 2009
By Julie Gjebic BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Julie Gjebic BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Who are we to compensate-
To set limitations-
To take what we did not earn?
How can we justify our actions?

Oh, right, we’re humans.
It’s human nature.

Human nature is showing off,
Telling off, and flipping off.
It’s excuses upon excuses
And hiding behind just anything.

It’s time spent convincing others that you are faster,
That you are stronger,
That you are better than they are.
But for what?

So you can hear their praise?
The very same that you wear on your chest?
Oh, we can see it,
Everyone can see it.

And it looks like pride to me.

Pride, always accompanied with greed and jealousy,
Fuels this so called human nature.
Ignorance, shame, selfishness.
And we live with it.

Not only live with it,
We live for it!
There is not a human being out there
That is not guilty of “human nature”

Why though?
So we can impose ourselves on others?
What is the point of that?
I say our time is better spent elsewhere.

We are the generation that can turn human nature around.

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