I Floated Calmly as the Wind

May 11, 2009
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I floated camly as the wind
like those on a joyous spring day.
Then at once i startd to spin,
when a warm gust had come my way.
and as i twirled i stopped to look
all around leaves fluttered and shook.

Trees popped out from the golden sand,
full of gorgeous leaves in a trance.
They seemed to wave at me like hands,
jumping around in song and dance.
Leaning back and forth every way,
twisting in the mist in a sway.

Amazed I stopped to watch in glee,
leaves sparkling like stars at night.
And once inside it tickled me,
making my heart take off in flight.
I know what love nature can bring,
to ones soul it can make you sing.

So many times when we forget,
the freedom of nature we lose
part of ourselves. So don't regret
and never be afraid to move
to the beat of your own heart,the way
leaves flutter and don't stop their sway

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