May 10, 2009
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Stone lips speak my name
im sick of your methodical game
Everytime i hear you speak,
The anger build up inside i keep.
Your actions are completly inane
Your a lost soul without a brain
Our actions truly define who we are
With everyone you perfectly place a scar
On the inside of my hurting soul
To you this must sound so trivial
My dreams are boundless as the stars
My hope for you, you know who you are
Is that you boldly approch whats layered within
And when you do, your already forgivin.
Its that you find a reason, an ambition for life
A remedy for your already stabbed knife
Its that you vivaciously run free,
And aimless see everything yuo ever wanted to see.
Its that you endeaver happiness with every breath
And you live this way until a peacful death.

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sweetjj said...
May 17, 2009 at 1:22 am
Very Nice!!!
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