Questions Unanswered

May 10, 2009
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What marks the point of no return?
What makes a soul shatter?
What pain is so numbing not even fire can burn?
What turns something whole to tatters?

How can the darkness blot out the light?
How is a man deprived of a home?
How can the weak give up without fight?
How is a child left alone to roam?

When did the world turn to money and greed?
When will the meak rise up, take a stand?
When will the hungry be cured of their need?
When did nature become only man's land?

Where is the hope in a country of war?
Where are the mothers when children cry?
Where is the aid of the homeless and poor?
Where are the politicians when the helpless die?

Why are animals abused and tortured?
Why has the sky been painted gray with haze?
Why are the sick not helped and nurtured?
Why are forests cut down for beef to graze?

What is our once-good world coming to?
How can we fix the problems we create?
When will blame be placed where it is due?
Where is an end to endless hate?

And why are these questions so long ignored?
For the sooner the answer, the sooner the good is restored.

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