Tears of steel

May 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Tears are falling.
I wish that I could halt them.
Or if that power doesn't belong to me,
I wish that the tears would bring justice.
Justice should catch up with me soon enough,
If not justice then it would be karma.
Yes, I'm doomed no matter who finds me first,
Then why am I not scared stiff??
Because I know that I deserve it.
I have caused many others pain,
even if it wasn't physical pain.
Sometimes mental pain is worse: because you feel trapped by your own thoughts, like they have become shackles. And your heart feels as if it doesn't belong inside you anymore, like it breaks into separate pieces and each person you have hurt takes a little piece with them: a reward for their bravery and loss.

Is it just me who has messed up so badly.
I like to think not but subconsciously I know the truth. I am a cruel person. But I still have hope that there is someone else who is close to hurting the way I have.

The author's comments:
By the way, I am not serious about any of this. I just wrote whatever came to me and none of this is true. But I still think some of it applies.

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