Old Doubt

May 9, 2009
these are just some thoughts i wanna get outta my head

so i can focus on the path that leads to gettin more bread

i've finally stopped dreaming, cause creativity is dead

so rather than fullfill my dreams, i think i'll sell my soul instead

now who's words are these that come from my mouth

that invite the darkness and cold in, and drives the purity and warmth out

who echos these words from east to west and north to south

because these are the words that dry up the oceans of hope and leave us in a drought

well you really wanna know, well these words were mine

because i actually gave up on hope, once upon a time

it was a dark and gloomy day, and my soul was struck blind

by the evils of the world, as i cast down my eyes

then something in me stirred and a booming voice blared

you cannot give up hope even when it's unfair

i replied with a chuckle, but was in reality quite scared

then the voice it's okay my son. I'll always be there

then a bright light flashed and gave me a glimpse of things to come

and i couldn't help but cry, because where i was coming from

that was the most beautiful sight and the coolest thing i'd ever done

and at that moment in time, back in 1990, plus 9 more one's,

i regained my hope, then the clock struck midnight

and it was the 21st centry and all i could do was smile bright

and join in as my family jumped and cheered

as we gave thanks to God for bringing us that new year

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*dreamer* said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 11:50 pm
wow that was really impressive...you have a unique style and I really like it.
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