Pink Cross

May 9, 2009
Take time to think,
Of what this world is made of
Is it pink fluffy clouds?
Or cold menacing volcanoes?
Many believe the cross is a symbol only for God
But it could be mathematics
Or the letter T
Maybe just a show of coordinate grids and supplementary angles
Or is it just angels?
Pink is made of the mixture of red and white
Basic normal colors that revolve around a lot
Love, passion, style, design, or just a random color for inanimate objects
A pink cross could also just mean cure for cancer
Many things take place in this world that revolve one another
The pink cross is one of those many things that can make a difference
Whether in math, English, cures, or just plain religion

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MadelynHope said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 4:42 pm
I like this one!!! I especially like the last two lines :3 Keep writing :)
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