May 9, 2009
By Becky Weber BRONZE, Richfield, Utah
Becky Weber BRONZE, Richfield, Utah
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The fiery ball of beauty shines
As it once more goes to sleep.
The moon ascends now, right on time,
And you’re slowly counting sheep.

The black of night invites the creeps,
Which lurk and sneak in the dark.
All of your blankets lie in a heap,
And you feel as cold as a shark.

The wind is knocking at the window,
And bullets of rain hit. CRACK!
The ashes in the fireplace kindle,
And you are lost in a snap.

Yet in this dark night, something squeals,
And it wakes you with a start.
Its prowling presence you can feel,
As well as your speeding heart.

You try to get up, but you’re locked in tight.
You thrash and twist and turn.
The presence grows stronger with every fight,
And you know it’s going to burn.

So you take a big breath and you hold it in.
As you’re sitting and waiting with hope
That the existence there will give you a hint,
It’s nothing more than a joke.

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