The Quiet Walk

May 9, 2009
By ifeeltoojumpy SILVER, Westboro, Massachusetts
ifeeltoojumpy SILVER, Westboro, Massachusetts
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I make that walk in the morning every day,
From my house to the bus stop
I hear the birds chirping
The wind blowing,
The leaves swinging
The pure water running
That water that has never lied,
The water that will never die
Why can’t we be like the water?
Water so pure, water so truthful
I know we can be like the water
Only if we try.

But why aren’t we trying?
I always think that in the morning
While I make my quiet walk
Listening to the wind blowing
The leaves swinging
The pure water traveling through the black road
It is the quiet walk that gets me thinking,
Every day.

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