DRake- A girl's Best Friend

May 9, 2009
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A cock of
The head.
A wink of
an eye.
The smile
he gives
brightens my day.
A lick on
The hand.
A lick on
The face.
Small ways he
shows his love.
A small twinkle
In the eyes.
One ear forward.
One ear back.
An open moth;
A tongue hanging
From on side.
A roll on the back
To scratch his tummy
As you walk by.
So many expressions.
So many ways,
My puppy gets
A bark or a whine,
He gets a treat or
A pat on the head.
You get rewarded with
A lopsided grin.
Playful and loving.
Tender and sweet.
Man’s best friend?
No a girls.
My best friend.

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