Who Makes Whats Upon Your Window

May 9, 2009
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It’s beautiful Frost
That you find upon
Your window;
It is in patterns,
Designs, so lovely
You weep when
They melt away.
Who puts it there?
A man. A Fairy.
Jakual Frost.
Jackie Frost.
Made real by
Our belief.
He is the what makes
Frost and snow.
His grey eyes,
A light grey
And misting of snow.
Or they can be like,
A raging blind storm.
With long silvery hair
And a bone structure
That would make a
Plastic surgeon
Weep with envy.
He is the one
Who makes
The snowflakes,
The frost.
And the ice.

Snowflakes so
Unique there
Are never two
Exactly alike.
Frost, simmering, lovely;
Beautiful patterns and designs
That sacrifice themselves in
The sun’s shining glory.
The silver, gleaming ice.
So cold, but so refreshing.

What would your world be like
Without snow, ice, and frost?

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