I Deal

May 9, 2009
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It started at ice skating.
I wasn’t bad,
But I wasn’t too good
I wasn’t bad enough for him to have to hold my hand
I never liked holding hands; I wasn’t that kind of girl
I really did like him, once.
One day I looked at him, and back at my work
And I thought:
Do I really need this?
Do I really care?
Or was I living a life by popular demand?
I went through it all
We never held hands, and he didn’t walk with me to class.
I barely talked to him…
So how was it I ended up here?
Oh yes, ice skating.
Dreadful, dreadful ice skating.
Dancing was weird, he was so nervous
Am I intimidating?
And like a pinch of my skin he was gone.
Reactions of ‘Why?’ and ‘You’re so mean.’
Came flying at me from my family
But my friends knew, even though I could not explain,
They still knew
He may not talk to me anymore
But I deal
He plays sad songs on his MySpace
But I deal
And he may not hug me anymore
But I don’t care
Because all he ever was
Was a friend, and he can get over it.
I hope.

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