The Jump

May 9, 2009
The building seems so very tall
And no one's there to stop the fall
With shadows creeping, misconceptions
Seducing us with eerie essence
The world has left us with these scars
Our souls are trapped with iron bars
We know that this is no solution
That fears have made this false illusion
But faces, voices, crying out
Have filled us with this throbbing doubt
The masses have began to riot
All we want is peaceful quiet
Our family - if they survive
Will cry out for our ended life
We hear the gunshots down below
And choose to jump before the show
The world is failing, lives are shattered
God's children, men and women, battered
We take a breath and close our eyes
No hesitating, no good-byes
The night is filled with darkness now
As our body hits the ground
Shocked on impact, stunned in silence
The people cease their bloody violence
And all that's left is staining tears
Remnants or our fading fears

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