The Unyielding Friend

May 9, 2009
By Cameron_M. BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
Cameron_M. BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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A bond as old as time itself
To give up all of oneself
An unyielding bond between to friends
One whose love knows no end
Through the mountains high
And the valley’s low
Standing beside me where ever I go
Through the easy times and the hard ones to
There to whisper, “ I am here for you.”
These claims found to be time tested, tried, and true
To know he means it when he says, “ I love you.”
Through the struggles and my trails
Standing as my advocate all the while
So quick to forgive if only I ask
And provide me with strength for my daily task
He gave it all for my gain
Whose blood wipes away my crimson stains
Though my faults hurt him so
He says to me, “I still love you. You know.”
I can not express all that he’s done
Or how privileged I am to be called his son
Through the good and the bad
I remain thankful for my heavenly “Dad”
Who sacrificed himself to save me
How can I ever thank thee
The only way that I know how
Is to offer my life committed to you as I humblely bow
Thanks will never be enough for what you did
Especially when you call me your kid.

Cameron M 5-4-2009

The author's comments:
this piece was written to express how thankful i am for all that God has done in my life. i hope that it ministers to you as it does me. please feel free to offer any constructive critisism,but please no bashing my beliefs.

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