December Cancer

May 8, 2009
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I've never felt so invisible
What took you so far away?
The cancer in you
Is the same inside of me as well
That disease you have
Affects me just the same
I've never felt so alien
Don't rip us apart
Oh but please, I've lost you already
You're so gone from me now
I've never felt so lost
But that's what I wanted, right?
Just take the words from my lips
And throw them away
Because you know I believe
That everything is going to be just fine
It's all the chemistry of a lost daughter
Am I capable of love anymore
After losing you like I did?
Do I even try to comprehend
That maybe I'm not okay
But, what's worse than my inability to listen?
I'll tell you what is
That maybe, just maybe
I don't believe you can hear me at all
You grow weaker
While my knowledge of you leaving grows
No one can tell us what we think we know
It's like everyone knows deep down
And they see no point in stating the obvious
Did I let the cancer within take you from me?
I'm so sorry mother
I only wanted to hide
Not knowing fully that our time was going to be cut short
And with my final line
I will say this and only this
Sixteen years went by so fast
Like lightning in the darkest sky
You were seen, but then vanished

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