I Miss You

May 8, 2009
By Danielle Johnson BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Danielle Johnson BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I miss your bright smiles,
and the way they crept across your face: hanging there crookedly.
I miss the private smiles that were just for me.

I miss your delightful smell,
and the way the burnt incense clung to you, and lingered even after you walk away.
I miss being close enough to feel your smell surround me.

I miss your beautiful eyes,
and how they saw the raw beauty of the world.
I miss how they lit up when you talked about your life.

I miss your big hugs,
and how you held me so tight-- I felt invincible in your arms.
I miss how your hugs made everything just slip away like sand through my fingers.

I miss your contagious laughter,
And how even when I was having a horrible day, you could brighten it the second you laughed.
I miss how we could laugh for hours about anything.

I miss your good heart,
And how you cared for anyone and everyone: how you never held a grudge.
I miss feeling like you were too good of a person for me to have as a brother.

I miss your singing,
and how you were my music master, teaching me everything you knew about the “good stuff.”
I miss how we sang along to the blasting radio, with the windows down, feeling infinite.

I miss your cynical optimism,
And how you believed the world could change, but only if we got off our butts and helped it.
I miss learning your perspective, I miss everything about you:
The way you said my name so gently, your old soul, your immature sense of humor; everything that made you the amazing person you were.

I miss you.

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