Ashtray Filled with Ashes

May 8, 2009
By BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
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Ashes fall to the geometric container
Ashes fall to the ground burning a house
Ashes fall to the sea, bringing warmth to those who need it
Ashes fall to life with all flames surviving the plummet
Greek thought of flames inside their bodies,
But did they think of ashes?
Ashes from cigars, or ashes from a loved ones home
Ashes from a barbeque or ashes from a game
Ashes are everywhere, everywhere there are ashes
You can’t control nature
But nature can control you
Design vary between lighthouse to cars,
Birds to bars
Letters to cows
Even frogs to gentlemen bows
You see a life get taken away by ashes,
No matter the consequence
Life will always go on,
Ashes will keep burning
And clocks will keep ticking
Kids will be still kids
And animals will still be loyal

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