May 8, 2009
By Mark Halley BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Mark Halley BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I walk to my computer in hopes
Of finding an article
With enough evil to
Make me explode in anger
So I can write a poem.

I know full well that
I will not.
I want to be able to feel
My body boiling from the toes up.
Ears red and steaming.

I wonder what I should seek out?
What can really make me erupt like a volcano?
About to search for a new world issue,
I pause.
I see that I am unable.

I have thirty five emails. I see
Seventy two notifications.
From what you ask?
One simple word, which rules my life:

I am unable to resist.
Write a note.
Update status.
Compare friends.
Send a cute animal.
Upload photos and video.
Add friends you barely know.

If not Facebook, then,
All things that don’t matter.

They are my escape from the world.
Why read about starving children
When I can watch a funny movie?
Why read about the fall of Chrysler
When I can listen to a new song?

Facebook is not in itself evil.
It has introduced me to new people,
People who have changed my life.
It has helped me to become more social;
But I wonder if that is what I truly need?

Does it really help you to:
Take a personality test,
Or tell your best friend from first grade
That you are going grocery shopping?
Wouldn’t you rather do something with your life?

It’s not simply that they are useless;
They eat away precious time.
Minutes that could be spent
Helping, caring

Though I deeply want to quit,
I know I will not.
Electronics are like a black hole--
Slowly sucking you in
Until there is nothing left.

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