Ode to the Castle

May 8, 2009
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Ode to the castle:
the holder of all fantasies.
With doors that glisten
like water drops on leaves.

Ode to the princess:
the possessor of the castle.
The proudest of them all;
with honors more than she.

But the castle has gates,
bridges and chambers
of which all holler
keep out (or keep in.)

So ode to the castle?
The owner of who is me?

So listen to the princess!
Hear my cry!
I have dreams!
I am proud!
And although I’d never say it, sometimes
I want to scream “stay out (or in) my life!”

I don’t want to know the liars,
the cheaters and the Debbie’s.
Stay out!

Let me see you and
I will help you see me.
You may stay in.

So ode to the castle?
Ode to my life?
Ode to me?

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