Bass Trophy

May 8, 2009
By BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
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Slippery and shiny,
Slimy and grimy,
A trophy winner if weight qualifies
A delicious dinner if with ending pies
Scaly and wet,
I would like to be a vet
But not for the aquatic creek animals
I’d rather leave it to the professionals
My teacher says they bite
My father says they fight
When you reel them in
There is no sin
Considering if you’re starved
These fish are sent from above
They feed and go in school of fish
And even smooch and kiss
They are like us
They argue and fuss
Fights arrive in the light of day
Hunting for crayfish and shiners at night
Eventually they will take off and fly
Through the night, I see wings of scales
And in my dreams, they will join the whales
That is a bass trophy’s identity and significance

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