We Don't See, We Forget

May 8, 2009
By MeMeMeMe BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
MeMeMeMe BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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What beautiful, gracious creatures roam among,


How we don’t notice,

the small bunny cross
the field for her feast of cabbage and carrots,
with her snow white stripes and dust covered brown hair,

the fawn run
with her mother into the woods filled with fallen leaves,
with her small white spots spread across her light golden hair, matching her mother,

the butterfly flutter
around the striped cat as she teases him,
with her small delicate wings that are filled with flight, radiance, and a rainbow of colors,

the geese fly
and sway across the sky in the cold breeze as they migrate to their new home,
with their white hair that seams charcoal black, they honk and wonder to a new home,

the dog leap
gracefully and blissfully through the snow, tasting it every time he does so,
with his almost-white, creamy hair contrasting with the pure white snow that fills the ground,

the robin perched
on the tree that holds her nest,
with the red chest and brown, back she sits upon her eggs and protects them.

Not many people truly,

what I see in these

We all forget that we are too,

We all dismiss this thought,

this truth,
from our heads.
It makes me

my heart
breaks in two
for this thought that runs through my head,
makes me the way I am.
Animals are

as we are, and

that is
what we,


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