May 8, 2009
Love. It can show

up on your doorstep,

seemingly unmistakable, but

later reveal ambiguity and
doubt. It can discover you one day,

convince you it’s pure, but leave
you in the dust the next. It can sneak
past your walls, even without your
permission, and force you to play in

its games. It can be deceiving, its face
picture perfect, though really it’s

only a clever disguise. It can be biased, not
even touch you; all because

your color, religion, or looks. It
can be greedy, use you for what you

can offer, though when your supply
dwindles, you no longer are worth

it. It can be just riches, the American
dream, they say a diamond’s

forever, so then why aren’t you with me?

It could just be a legend,

Walt Disney theme, fun to

watch, but not to believe. It can be very
demanding, “tough love”

they may call it, follow my rules or

you may regret it. It can

be hidden, disguised, sometimes
despised, demeaning

and depressing. Or It can be
true. Not one single

doubt, forever and
ever until death

shows us out.
So, have I

found true love, or has

false love



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KymCampbell said...
May 17, 2009 at 5:34 pm
This poem was supposed to be in the shape of a broken heart, though it didn't get posted that way...
-K.C. (Author)
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