What is love?

May 8, 2009
By Edwardlover19 BRONZE, BrookPark, Ohio
Edwardlover19 BRONZE, BrookPark, Ohio
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LOVE, people say that they're in
LOVE. but what exatly is LOVE?
to someone, it's how much they
care for their significant other
to another, it's how much they feel for the other.

to me, LOVE is how much i care
for my other half.
LOVE is about finding
your other half to your heart.
LOVE can also be a figure
of speach like between two bff's.
"i LOVE you" can be thrown around
and LOVE itself can be torn apart.

some people don't find
or get the privilidge
to have LOVE
sometimes you stumble upon
or come across it
but in reality,
LOVE can't exist because
people can't see it
or hold it
or grasp the point of it.

i found LOVE but what exactly is this thing we speak of and call
LOVE? <3

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