♥ Trust ♥

May 8, 2009
By Jessica Gibson PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
Jessica Gibson PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
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You are healing the wounds,
And the many scars that have been left.
I have started to put my trust in you,
I hope that you can keep it.
I promise that no matter what,
I will never hurt you like you father did.
I trust you,
I know that I can trust you.
You are quiet,
But also gentle.
Every time I am by you,
I feel comforted in you presence.
It’s like a waterfall of peace,
Helping my body to relax.
You presence is like running water,
Calming and relaxing.
I wish that I could see you more,
But I can’t.
I just have to use the time that I have,
To show you that I love you.
I am lying in my bed,
Writing this poem,
Thinking about you,
And how I miss you.

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