Summer Night

May 8, 2009
By Jessica Gibson PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
Jessica Gibson PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
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Have you ever thought of just sitting?
Just sitting and listening
To the sounds of nature.
Listening to the crickets chirp,
Or watching the lights of the fireflies fly around
In the sky like little light bulbs floating in mid air.
Have you ever just laid on your back and looked up at the sky?
Looking at the stars, or wishing on them like I sometimes do.
Trying to count how many there are,
But finding that that is impossible.
There are billions of stars out there and you can’t count them all,
But you keep trying over and over again.
You try to wish on all of them,
But you can’t.
There are too many,
So you close your eyes and just dream.

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