Do You Belive Me Now

May 8, 2009
So Do You Belive Me Now?

This Was All So Foul

I Told You I Didnt Like The Way He Looked At You

But You Were Playing Along How True

I Guess I Really Wasnt That Crazy

You Both Were As Sleezy

He Sat And Waited

Knowing Our Love Was Having A Moment

But You Didnt Care He Was Just Your Anulment

So Do You Belive Me Now?

I Know I Really Wasnt That Crazy

But Now Is Now

But How Is Now Different

I Look In Your Eyes

All I See Is Him

It's Such A Sin

As Much As I Love You, I Hate You

It Was Over Before It Started

I Must Be Retarted

Before I Start To Trust You, Love You Again

Never Again Can I Love With Lust Thanks To You

Go And Stay Away

Im Dark And Gray I Want To Keep It That Way

Leave Me Alone!

Dont You Dare Pick Up That Phone!

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