What is It?

May 8, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s coming, believe it or not.
In fact, It’s already here.
What if I told you It’s been here for years.
Since you were born. Since your parents were born.
Even before that.

Can you guess It?
I’ll give you a hint;
It never looks the same.
It’s always different. Always in a different place
always affecting different people positively and negatively.

It never takes a break, even when It’s taking a break from you.
It never shows its face, even when It’s standing right in front of you.
It comes at you so fast you don’t have time to prepare yourself.
It’s there when you wake up, go to bed, go to school.
It’s happening everywhere.

It can make you feel disoriented, abandoned, and anxious.
It can make you feel courageous, independent, and capable.
Too much of It can cause corruption, discomfort and chaos.
Too little of It can cause frustration, lethargy and dependency.
It means nothing one minute, but everything the next.

It is a very dangerous thing;
yet today’s society cannot survive without It.
So what is It?

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