Sunday Loverise

May 8, 2009
By India Powell BRONZE, Newport, Oregon
India Powell BRONZE, Newport, Oregon
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On Sunday morning I am shifting in your arms
Waking to a consoling smile that has laid itself on your lips
My hair wild and unkempt atop my sleepyhead
But you reassure me I’ve never looked more lovely

We lay tangled like a map, perfectly in our bed
A quintessential tableau; don’t move, don’t worry
I may be garrulous and eccentric, with dirt under my nails and a skeleton in my closet
But you’re one and the same, with a bounce in your step and a tactful way with words

I love nothing more than spending nights with you
Sleeping off the day and dreaming of Babylon
A war over and between sheets, giggling sideways and love drunk
I’ll never forget to remember always thinking of you

And on these nights when I sleep cradled in Cupid’s hands
I’m certain the moon must stop dead in its tracks
There will never be another Sunday sunrise
Only Sunday loverise singing you awake

When you wake wide eyed and alone on days that are not Sundays
With unkempt hair and a skeleton in your closet; don’t more, don’t worry
Think of Babylon and giggling and sleeping in Cupid’s hands
And, darling, please don’t forget to remember always thinking of me

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