My Normalcy

May 8, 2009
By Anonymous

My Normalcy

Twenty minutes in the morning, I wait.
My bladder above the limit and my hair a big mess.
The bathroom is always taken.
“Hurry up! I need to get dressed.”

I make a pot of coffee.
“How my daughter loves me,” says my dad.
“I love you lots,” I say, “but I like coffee too. I don’t just make it for you.”

I arrive at school on time.
The day passes without care.
Finally finished at 3:20.
The family talks about their day. I ride and say nothing.

We head for the store,
usually Fred Meyers,
where we see our friends.
Sometimes we don’t, but only now and then.

As we make it home
We race for the mail.
One time I bruised my hip and the box ripped off my nail. (True story)

Whose night is it to make dinner?
We bow our heads and pray.
With smiles, laughter and a little bickering we end our everyday.

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