Artists dream

May 8, 2009
By Nikkie Sydnor BRONZE, Rockford, Illinois
Nikkie Sydnor BRONZE, Rockford, Illinois
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It is hard to describe myself in just one color
For my appearance is multicolored
Vibrant yet dull at the same time
My hair is black and to me it drips with elegance
My clothes
Are like paint
On a naturally blank canvas
My heart beats pink
Because it weighs heavy with love
My face shines yellow
Dripping with happiness
And hopes
For tomorrow
My tears are cerulean and on off days
Stain my cheeks
My ambitions
Are orange
Like the fiercest of tigers
And sometimes
My brain is dipped in the green hues of envy
I can be midnight blue and belligerent
Red and mad with anger
Purple which
Is lustful
And royal
And white
Which is innocent
And infant-like
I suppose you can say I am an artists dream
For an artist created me
And from head to toe
I drip with color

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