Cinderella Syndrome

May 8, 2009
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Guys like him don't notice girls like me.
Thier eyes are open, but they just don't see
It's like refusal,
perhaps denial?
Am I really that repulsive? that vile?
or am I just the invisible girl?
Do I vanish from the rest of the world?
Or just him?
(yes, definatley only him)
I catch his gaze on my face!
Could his eyes please stay fixed on this place?!
Yet he turns away quickly when he meets my stare,
and soon I feel empty- nothing there.
Then his voice rings out above the rest!
My heart springs alive through my chest!
His deeply perfect vocals sing out
(I listen, solemn, devout)
although it's nothing of great importance, to me he deserves my upmost focus.
His eyes are bright although they are dark,
his handsome features break my heart,
his frame muscular,long, and lean
the touch of his skin purely a dream.
But the fact remains ALWAYS the same-
Guys like him don't notice girls like me.
That is the way it always will be,
no matter how hard i try,
this handsome prince charming will never be mine.

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