The Crash

May 8, 2009
By DepressedNicole BRONZE, Capron, Virginia
DepressedNicole BRONZE, Capron, Virginia
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The rain is falling
And angels are calling
Turning around as fast as you can
To see the spirit of your man

The traffic has stopped
Up the road ahead
Tires found popped
And three announced dead

A red eighteen-wheeler
Cannot stop on a dime
The man, now a killer
Gets to make sure everything’s all right

The only one alive today
Is a good friend of mine
That date, last May
She lost her love to a stupid crime

The funeral was on a Sunday night
I tried not to cry, with all of my might
But the tears started to fall and just wouldn’t stop

The three bodies of the crash
Were still together till the end
It’s still hard to deal with even tho’ it’s in the past
I lost three of my best friends

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