Gangsta Life

May 8, 2009
By Justin Spaulding BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Justin Spaulding BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The gangsta life
your homies die
your loved ones cry
you think that violence
makes you stronger
but hate awaits
to divide and conquer
It don't take heart to pull a trigger but to build love
It takes hustle to play soccer
not to sell drugs
for the cause we kill
for the cause we die
what is the cause anyway
is it living life
the road I was walking
insane and violent
it got me the right to remain silent
Jail cells court rooms penetentiary
no good to the females
they probably don't mention me
You say "stay down for your race
represent with pride"
then you pick up a knife
and kill your own kind
I'm crazy cuz what's crazy anyway
you can't comprehend
cuz crazy can't be explained
you could kill in the street
amd smoke out of glass
glorifying that really shows
you where you're at
what don't you understand
you won't live long like that man
a violent persona
I blamed god for my actions
you gave me free will then
the devil started laughin'
I denied responsibility
I wasn't a man
Juvey is not a good retirement plan
three meals a day
I can have better food
and everybody there has
something to prove
they're divided in there
they all self-destruct
I await the day
that we all live as one.

The author's comments:
This was written while I was in juvenile detention because I couldn't stop smoking weed. My eyes were forced open to what I was doing to myself and my family

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