Your Entirety Is Crumbling MAG

May 8, 2009
By alyx! SILVER, San Francisco, California
alyx! SILVER, San Francisco, California
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There are words written across the walls,
They yell bold lines, and speak what you hate
Expel what you're afraid of, yell
and ­regurgitate
What you're too foolish to let penetrate
your chest
As burning pain or desire or distress too hot to handle

Words are plastered on the backs of eyelids and under
Raw untouched skin from years of denial
and wrongs

Words that are dead to everyone but you.

“You are distant in your passion”
They yell, “your entirety is crumbling
Under the weight of your unresolved pain”

There are words scrawled up and down the span of the walls
They drip and run like paint, or blood shed from the wounds
Of your past and your forgotten mistakes buried alive for no one else to see.

“Build your body where you wish to rest
your head,
And cry 'til your eyes dry up like the
cracked beds
Of famished and abandoned lakes”

There are words on your walls.
Hundreds, thousands
characters; letters. for you.

I love you

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