The day b4 Father's Day

May 7, 2009
By PoeticJustice SILVER, New Castle, Pennsylvania
PoeticJustice SILVER, New Castle, Pennsylvania
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Its the day before Fathers day
and I’m thinking of what to say;
I want it all planned out
so it doesn’t come out any old way.
Should we reminisce on my childhood?
how funny that would be;
how I use to crawl than learned to walk
ha, that seems funny to me.
Or should I ask him how he felt
The day that I was born?
How he felt that I lived so far
And ask did he feel torn?
O how this feels so complicated
But I know that it is worth it;
I just have to make the moment special
I have to make it perfect!
I can’t believe its been so long
Since the last time, it seems forever
Every father’s day I wanted to be near
But in my heart we were always together.
I think ill start by saying hello
And asking if he’s be fine
And maybe he’ll ask if I’ve been good,
I’ll say yea, (but I’d be lying =])
Then maybe I’ll sit close to him
And smile until it hurts,
Or maybe we’ll just hug each other
Im sure x and o’s will work!
I’ll tell him how I still call my auntie
And tell him how the little bro’s have grown
Then I’ll hit him with “I’m 18 now”
Just to make him feel that old.
What if we talk about where we left off
The day he got into that fight
The day I didn’t see him anymore
Not the next day or the next night.
I’d ask him did he think of me
At all we he left his little girl
I’d tell him that I missed him so
And how wanting him home became my world.
Maybe he would be amazed
That I remembered the date;
The day he last saw my face
The day I began to hate.
Well maybe that’s to much to say
Maybe Happy father’s Day will do just fine
Some flowers and the love I have
He’d love all because it’s mine!
I’d drop a tear when it’s time to go
And say I’ll be back next year
Then I’d wipe his grave
And walk away thinking…
How different the day would be if he were here.

R.I.P daddy

Your baby girl

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