my dog

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

My dog curls up next to me in a ball
Even though she isn’t small
I remember way back when
We first got her
She was all I ever thought about then
The way she breathed was gentle, like a cat’s purr
I was amazed that she could catch a ball up in the air
She could sit, and even high- five you
She’d come when you called, no matter where
She was. And she’d follow me, no matter what I’d do
And she still does, even 6 years later
The only down side is that she sheds so much that it looks like it snowed all over our dark wood floor
It’s covered in her fur! But she couldn’t stop if we paid her
I couldn’t ask for more
She’s so gentle and sweet
So tolerant and patient, she’d never bite
When I get it home I can expect her to greet
Me. When we got her, our choice was right
I won’t forget the calm, reassuring sound of her breathing
She was my first pet
I can’t picture her leaving
Here. And I thought I’d never get
A dog like her. She’s a great watchdog, you see
Always watching out for me

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