May 7, 2009
By Matt Nilson BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
Matt Nilson BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
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The cold wind whistles at my face
I couldn't be in a more beautiful place
The click of my bindings echoes in my ears
But I have absolutely no fear
I'm get ready to go and begin to move
And soon I settle into a groove
I go back and forth
And a cold wind blows from the north
I fly over the snow
My confidence begins to grow
I slice through the snow with my edge
And come dangerously close to the ledge
The snow flies up like a fountain
Its just me and the mountain
Its a huge adrenaline rush
All my worries are at a distant hush
I have no worries
Its just me and the snow flurries
When I get to the bottom I have to stop
Then I take the lift back up to the top

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