The Beauty in Dark

May 7, 2009
By sphynxluver BRONZE, Layton, Utah
sphynxluver BRONZE, Layton, Utah
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People always talk about the beauty in light;
rainbows, sunsets, etc. But there is beauty in the dark.
There is mystery in the dark,
like a forest with seemingly no end.
Not the inherently evil type of dark,
like vampires and wtiches,
but where not everything is certain.

Whatever I want could be waiting for me,
or my worst nightmare.
But the beauty of it is that no one really knows
except for one higher being.
In the dark I cannot see in front of me,
but I cannot see behind either.
I know what was there when I passed it,
but the ability to looks back and see my mistakes
is gone.

No opportunity to feel guilty or depreived.
Having a flashlight only makes it less fun.
Though I would be able to see what is in front of me
in great detail,
the past is outlined in shadows behind me.
It reminds me of the saying,
“What you don't know can't hurt you.”

Life is more enoyable when it's uncertain.
We don't have to fret
about what we may be doing in the future,
and who knows if what we did in the past
will affect us later.
It allows us to think of the important things,
the present as it is.
Light is beautiful, but so is the dark.

The author's comments:
It is important in life to remember the good in everything, even the dark. Life can be scary sometimes, but who knows what kind of joy could come out of it.

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