Up Above

May 7, 2009
By Kaitlin Wonder SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
Kaitlin Wonder SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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Up Above
I once looked up and wonder why,
Why is the world this way?
Why does it stay the same, day after day?

I turned to the sun and asked,
“Why are you so hot?
In your path, I could melt a pot”
Although asked in a whiny voice,
The sun calmly answered, as though without a choice,
“I keep you from dying of cold,
Or by inhaling the fumes of mold,”

I turned my attention to the sky,
And as I looked, a bird flew by,
“Why?” I shouted, “why are you so blue?”
It answered, right on cue,
“To calm your displeasure,
And remind you that life is a treasure.”

At night, of the moon I inquired,
“Why do you shine so brightly when one is tired?”
It replied, “when you are lost
And it is about to frost,
I will light your way home
And silence your groan.”

I looked to the stars and demanded
That my answer I be handed,
Why they are so large in number
And when did they slumber?
They answered, “we never sleep,
For it is good company that we keep.

Now that the answer I know.
I wonder how I could have been so slow.
The answer was there for me to see,
The world stays the same for you and for me.

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