Heart Felt...

May 8, 2009
By Nodoria BRONZE, Lancaster, Texas
Nodoria BRONZE, Lancaster, Texas
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Heart felt we are worlds apart, I am destined to walk in the dark. Nothing can save me, or so I thought. Heres the blade that sits in the eyes of the idle, if they see will it fall? My best wishes to you whispered my kiss, but my tongue was afraid to paint the words... I beleive in whats in front of me, but what if it stays behind? Clouds meet over and under coming to the storm. This letter tells pretention of what to come. Leave the light on a little while longer so i know your home. Am I the lamb that waits to be slaughtered? I spill out apologies like blood in my mouth. Come what may after reading this letter, its all for the better. Running from the storm soon we'll be buried in and away. If I was to die tonight would the answer drive home? I'll spill the blood from my mouth;the words I love you. If I had known any better i'd hold you tight, and kiss you hard, but sometimes ignorance has its bliss. So here I sit the day before May fifth, I'm armed with a pen to write out my hate for him. If I finally have you will I be able to breath past my heart? Here is the kiss that comes when we are alone. Still the questions stand;if my lips leave a kiss will the moment be better? If the kiss pressed till the shift what will your answer be? Will the telephone fall from its cradle in sleep, or will you answer? If you asled me to tell you why I love you I couldn't answer, it's in the press of every kiss.

The author's comments:
Th girl that I love, and that loves me back I cant have. She is with someone else and is afraid to leave. This poem is the better part of how I feel about my situation.

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