May 7, 2009
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Farmer for the world,
Cattle Rounder, Grower of Cotton
Maker of Coke Products,
Strong, Creative, Country,
State of the Peaches:

They tell me you are wise and I believe them for I have seen you listen to your elders in the hardest of times.

And they say you bleed, and I answer: Yes it is true; I have seen the hands that work hard labor.

When they tell me you embody happiness…I reply: When the wealth of the land, springs forward, the sun shines.

I turn and look at the people who stare at my state and look back and tell them:

Show me a state that could welcome a person with sweet tea and the sweet smell of peach cobbler and warmth and love.

Showing the world true Southern Hospitality is a Georgian shining like a star in the midnight sky.

Proud as a lion strutting through the safari, Gentle as a baby cow sleeping under the trees on a hot summer day,
Striving, Fighting, Surviving

Under the stars, freckles all over his face, looking with wide eyes,

By the crops, pondering about his future,

Smiling is a man who feels like he has never encountered a fear in his life.

Watching and thinking that in his mind is wonder, and in his eyes is confusion.

Watching the strong, creative, country of the elders, rocking, thinking, proud to be farmer, cattle rounder, grower, and maker in the State of the Peaches

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Cali lily said...
May 15, 2009 at 1:12 pm
Brings back memories....You are an inspiring poet...I encourage you to continue to write from the heart ... it is so effective.
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