He Types and Retypes

May 7, 2009
By Isaac Williams BRONZE, Montgomery Village, Maryland
Isaac Williams BRONZE, Montgomery Village, Maryland
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As the boy types
He looks at the bright screen,
As if he doesn’t believe that
The words are appearing
As they seem.

He types and retypes
Like it will never end,
It seems this virus
Makes reality start to bend.

He can’t tell if its
These hieroglyphics
In the computer mechanics
He can’t figure out
What this computer reality is about
This virus has taken him in
An endless oblivion

No matter how fast he types
This virus makes it through the pipes
He is losing hope
It is hard to cope
With the realization
Of this viral nation

He thought he couldn’t be beat
When it came to this feat
But it looks like he was wrong
Someone else was singing
His sweet song
Of deception and trickery

This virus cannot be taken lightly
His programs are all failing
The virus is availing
Control alt delete is disabled
Nothing can be enabled

He is trying so hard to find
Anything in his mind
That can stop the attack
He wants to go back
In time

Before his life of crime
Destroying peoples lives
By sending virtual bee hives
As he looks at the keys
He remembers these
Windows u u

Then he is not so blue
He looks back and
Says with a smile
I’m not going out
Like a little child

He types the code
Then the system went cold
The virus was neutralized
He didn’t even realize
His system has been saved

He was only three key
Types away
He looks and says
That he can’t believe
That all this trouble
Was caused by a cd

This reality was always
What it seemed
It was a virus caused by
A hacking teen

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