May 7, 2009
By Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
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People say you're a Freak, you feel their words sting your heart, as you sit in the dark and cry. You try your best to forget what they had said. Sometimes the words can cut you like a knife because of who said it. Sometimes, you don't really care but it still hurts, just not as bad. As you sit in the dark and cry, you wonder why. You asked family, friends, and everyone that would listen, "Why am I such a Freak?" But all they ever tell you is that "You are just different." You don't know how to believe them because all you ever hear is how much of a Freak you are to everyone else. You find out the guy you really like, thinks you're a Freak. Your best friend tells you what he said.. You really want the world to go away, and you want the light to end and become dark so you can be alone to cry. You thought he liked you.. He showed all the signs.. Then from your best friend, you find he doesn't.. What would you do? Would you run and hide? Would you just cry? Would you just act like it didn't happen? Or would you go on liking him, and forget his harsh words? Just one last choice, would you end your life, or fiz your broken wings and fly away?

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