That State of Mind

May 7, 2009
By maggie bleh BRONZE, Ellsworth, Wisconsin
maggie bleh BRONZE, Ellsworth, Wisconsin
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They murder our dreams with facts and statistics, Strangle our originality wiht restrictions, take our fantasies and replace them with nonfiction, tear the magic of childhood from our hearts, and scold us for being so childish, so niave, telling us something must be proven before believed, magic is for storybooks, pretending is elementary, now we must live by encyclopedias and dictionaries, we didn't just grow up, we were brainwashed, they put up a cement wall between fiction and reality, if it was up to me, id live happily in between, but it is difficult now to return to that state of mind, to be as carefree and imaginative as a child, to be so unrestrained by guidelines, now they tell us that that world is unreal, that world where magic was easy to feel and believe, a sad truth has been etched into my brain, iell never be as free as a child again...

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