I Remember

May 7, 2009
I remember when the trees talked about life.
How the rivers flowed down the rocks,
With gentle touching like lovers under the moonlight.
Where flames danced,
With the nights gentle breeze.
Where clouds created rain that massaged the ground,
Bringing up the scent of the earth’s aroma.
Where the trees swayed in the summers wind.
Where the land was as green as emeralds,
The mountains as beautiful as lavender fields.
And where the coral reefs were as colorful as the sunset…
Then man came like a volcanic eruption, polluted the air,
With the carelessness of the evil life of their own.
They dirtied our rivers,
Used the flame as weapons that they used to kill.
The rain turned into acid,
Destroyed the ground it had once massaged.
They cut down the trees for homes and to build fires.
The land dried and died,
So did the stories the trees once told.

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