Thin Line

May 7, 2009
By SaraLynn GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
SaraLynn GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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I hate
The way your lies
Seep into the crevices of my brain
Like a slow-acting poison
Hidden, eating away at my flesh.

I hate
Your stubbornness
Acting like you can do no wrong.
I am never right,
Even when I am.

I hate
The tingle of your white-hot touch
Singing my skin.
Let go!
You don’t want me.

I hate
The way I
Need you
Love you.

I love
The spark of
Your hand caressing mine.
Too hot heat
Luring me near.

I love
The sticky-sweet taste of
Your kiss on my lips.
Lost in the moment
Masking my fears.

I love
The feeling I get
When your name hangs in the air.
The warm, fuzzy blanket of your love.
Knowing I am wanted.

I love
The way I hate you.

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