Middle School

May 6, 2009
By A-Nony-Mouse GOLD, Elmira, Oregon
A-Nony-Mouse GOLD, Elmira, Oregon
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Wicked grin across the room,
From a girl with more lipstick than you
And with a cuter boyfriend
And you know she’ll knock your world askew
Her fangs are just hidden
Below that air of perfection
That she wears wrapped around her
Like a bad holier-than-thou spell
That you can see through.

Plucked eyebrows and a foretelling of ghosts
Peer pressure ruling and making the most
Of that bad situation
You got into last Monday
Pretend, little girl,
That it didn’t really happen.
Cuz you knew it was the truth
When they warned you of devils
But did you keep close?
Of course not, why would you.
And now it’s all crumbling,
And the demons are grumbling
They’re hungering for your soul
Off in dark corners of hell.

Slammed you finger in your locker
While dragging out the textbooks
You haul around strapped to your back
On weekends and after school,
When you should be doing homework
And are instead worried about being cool.
When seven classes are just to much
You slip off for your afternoon cigarette,
Into a bathroom where two children make out
In the stall next to you.

The author's comments:
I hated Middle School, but it sure supplied me with a lot of material for poetry.

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