Self Pitty

May 6, 2009
By Jordan Zietz BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
Jordan Zietz BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
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Self Pity

I know I make mistakes,
Some minor, some big.
And because of them my life
Has turned upside down.
I’m not quite sure how to get
Myself back on track.
It’s confusing, it’s hurtful.

I’ve lost good friends and the value of trust.
It gets to the point where
It’s too hard to think straight.
I don’t understand how
So many people can stomp on you
Like you’re absolutely nothing.
It’s confusing, it’s hurtful.

Most of the time I just wish
That people would realize how
Much they have hurt me.
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t
Have to take all the blame, because
In reality it’s not all my fault.
I’m Confused, I’m hurt.

I’m mad.
I’m usually sad.
I get angry,
I become bemused.
But most of all I’m just,
Confused and hurt.

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