Our Soft Lullaby

May 6, 2009
By GrainsAndOats BRONZE, Seville, Ohio
GrainsAndOats BRONZE, Seville, Ohio
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She dances and sings
A soft lullaby,
It gracefully rings
Through the caverns of time.
But you've turned a deaf ear,
My dear, won't you hear?
She croons your name softly
As she sleeps, her mind wanders
Often she thinks of your
Life gone wrong, was it all a mistake,
An imagined illusion?
It was long-sought joy to forget such loneliness
That plagues the heart and strips it of purpose.
But now that it's gone, she's learned to
Cry out your name when something goes wrong,
But she can't, no.
She can't know what's really going on,
The lies and betrayal, the sex, the pleasure
Hidden from her eyes, she's too pure for this,
Too whole, too young.
She can't, no.
She can't do that herself, do the same to you,
She can't be that heartless and wonders how to
Move on from this pain, this hole left in her,
As she dances and sings
Our soft lullaby.

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